Our Story

Came to Pass Recovery

The Came to Pass Recovery founders recognized a need in Flagstaff for a treatment facility that could offer substance abuse services at an affordable rate in a nourishing atmosphere. The dream included a small setting where residents could grow close to one another while developing real relationships based on accountability.

We know that it takes time, work, and education to empower our clients with the understanding of how each therapeutic session provided at our facility will aid in the process of overcoming the cycle of addiction and post-acute withdrawal symptoms.

When the Came to Pass program was put together four years ago, we were clear that therapy, medication management, case management, nutrition, fitness, and outdoor adventure needed to be a part of the curriculum. We have seen many success stories with our clients with these modalities and as time progress we have seen the urgency for more.

We have advanced our program to include a writing track, a leadership course and 13 sessions of neurological education. We continue on the pursuit of inspiring in our clients a life of transformation that addresses mind, body and spirit.