Fitness Therapy

Came to Pass puts a heavy emphasis on the Fitness Pillar and its value in breaking the cycle of addiction as well as its benefits in stabilizing mood swings, anxiety, depression and insomnia. Expediting the healing of Post -Acute Withdrawal Syndrome.

In addition to the well- known and documented studies on the benefits of physical exercise as an aid in returning brain chemistry to homeostasis we utilize this pillar as an arena to challenge old thoughts and behaviors and to bring cohesion to the Neurological Education and Leadership pillars. By adding a level of intensity to our structured program that involves all elements of weightlifting, running and gymnastics, clients are educated and provided an opportunity to challenge themselves at their own level among peers, resulting in a supportive community forged by overcoming challenges together. The gym is an ideal place to practice humility, empathy, accountability and integrity. Coupled with the Nutrition Pillar noticeable improvements in body composition and reaching new goals builds confidence and community.