Individual Therapy

At Came to Pass, addicts and alcoholics have an opportunity to get clean and sober, to learn to live life on life’s terms, and to develop a foundation of wholeness and fitness in each area of their lives. You may want help to manage various issues that block you in your life, whether it’s anxiety, depression, trauma, or other mental health issues. As part of the program, Came to Pass offers individual and group therapy designed to follow evidence based practices, and we utilize a number of modalities, depending on your needs. Our therapeutic goal is to help you remember who you are without the need for drugs or alcohol, to help you in a comprehensive way to learn to enjoy life and be grounded in your Self.

Here are some of the therapeutic modalities we use at Came to Pass. As in any therapeutic situation,

We know there are common issues to work on But we also know that each individual is unique, with his or her own story and life experiences. We must utilize different therapeutic interventions as they relate to individual clients.

We address common recovery concerns and underlying issues, choosing appropriate modalities for specific clients.

Within this model we develop, in partnership with clients, their individualized “recipe for success.”