Neurological Education

Using the research of Dr. Joe Dispenza this pillar focuses on the brain and human biology to empower individuals to understand that they have the ability to create new neurological pathways. Essentially rewiring their brain. Frequently when an individual is educated on the neurological component of addiction and how trauma can play a part in the creation of these pathways, the cycle of addiction can be understood from a scientific perspective rather than a lack of a moral compass. Each Individual that seeks treatment desires a new life for themselves. The idea of creating a new reality with an old personality is traditionally an unsuccessful formula. We need to challenge how we think, act, and feel. A new formula for developing new thoughts, that lead to new behaviors, that allow for new experiences, that produce new emotions is paramount in breaking the cycle of addiction. We provide and facilitate a curriculum of thirteen components that serve as a platform for education and discussion from comprehension to application into each individual life. Making the creation of a new life a reality, free of substance abuse. This pillar serves as the basis of why we continually invite clients to challenge old thoughts while participating in new experiences.