Recovering Leadership

After abstinence, how do we protect ourselves? How do we avoid the lure of escape and prevent indulging in negative thoughts? How can we empower ourselves to move forward confidently and positively?

Peter Montoya’s Leadership Program gives individuals the tools and support to free themselves of unresolved issues, repair and improve relationships, and accept the idea that we alone are the “owners” of our unique circumstances (and capable of improving them). By accepting that responsibility, without blame or shame, we can break free of victim mentality and take control of our lives in a positive, purposeful way.

 The course focuses on many aspects of personal leadership, including: 

  • Connection — Utilizing active listening techniques and the “Calm, Confident, Kind” method to gain clarity, express feelings constructively, and establish new, healthy lines of communication with loved ones, friends, and colleagues.
  • Boundaries – Establishing boundaries to protect ourselves physically, emotionally, relationally. By clarifying our values and enforcing the “property lines” that define where we end and someone else begins, and honoring the boundaries of others, we combat the enmeshment and co-dependency that can adversely impact our wellbeing and set the stage for healthier relationships.
  • Feedback  Understanding that feedback is an incredible gift. By developing our ability to both receive and give feedback, we create a healthy atmosphere in which we can learn, grow, and work toward becoming whole.