Writing Therapy

Thoughts on Paper.

Writing is a powerful form of therapy. It helps individuals work through thoughts and emotions without judgement. The act of putting pen to paper shuts down the Default Mode Network of the brain where ruminating occurs and where anxiety and depression are born. When an individual is engaged in writing, the Task Positive network is engaged and we can write our truth on paper, as we see it. Our thoughts, feelings and memories can transform from a scrambled puzzle in our minds to a tangible piece of reality. The sharing of this piece of reality with a trusted ear allows for healing, enforces trust and improves our interpersonal skills.

This pillar is designed through a series of  twenty seven assignments to allow a clients own writing to serve as a therapeutic tool to process and  begin to heal with their therapist. Blended with the knowledge of the Leadership and Neurological pillars the Thoughts on Paper program serves as a valuable skill that is useful long after clients leave treatment.