Earth Day and Recovery


Here at Came To Pass, we often discuss our holistic approach to recovery, which we refer to as an attempt at healing mind, body, & spirit. With Earth Day happening this week, we thought it would be a good opportunity to highlight what we see as another vital part of any recovery journey, cultivating a sense of adventure and a connection to nature.

While many people feel that time spent outside is therapeutic, there is actually something unique for those in addiction recovery to gain from this idea.

San Clemente, California : view from the highway of the ocean and a big light blue sky and a few hills
Photos from March 2019 CTP camping trip to San Clemente, CA

Numerous studies (including this one from the University of Illinois at Chicago) have shown that relapse rates were significantly lowered for addiction recovery patients who had therapeutic camping experiences integrated into their relapse prevention activities. The study admits that there is only a limited amount of research on the topic, but stands firm in its scientific support for the positive affects of adding outdoor adventures to any substance abuse treatment plan.

We also believe that adding this element to our addiction recovery program is especially meaningful in the opportunities that it provides to our residents.

Due to the many challenges that often come along with life during active addiction, just being able to freely travel can be a new experience for many in recovery.

Came To Pass Co-Founder Casey Rose, doing a handstand on the beach in  San Clemente, California
Photos from March 2019 CTP camping trip to San Clemente, CA

Graciela (Came To Pass co-founder) explained that, aside from finding new beauty, inspiration, and motivation, our activities in nature offer great ways to exercise our minds, bodies, and new skills like mountain biking, outdoor cooking, etc.


Came To Pass residents setting up tents outside in the sunshine of San Clemente, California
Photos from March 2019 CTP camping trip to San Clemente, CA

It is with these thoughts and images in mind that we hope you enjoy the outdoors to the fullest, this Earth Day, and any time that you can!

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Thank You!

-Jasmine J. (and the entire CTP team)

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